Joint exhibitions : Liquid Love & Sound Meridians co-presented by MoCA Taipei and TheCube Project Space

Co-organized with MoCA Taipei, TheCube Project Space is pleased to present the Liquid Love & Sound Meridians international group exhibitions which will take place at MoCA Taipei. The joint exhibitions, under the sponsorship of the 2018 Production Grants to Independent Curators in Visual Arts from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, will open to the public from 14 November […]

n general understanding, “ten” is emblematic of “consummation,” for it implies “cycle” as well as “reset and restart.” We celebrate the “ten-year” milestone in the development of TheCube Project Space. The visual imagery of the number of ten resembles not only an ouroboros but also a fractal world that continues unfolding in a cyclical and […]

The Praxis School is an annual thematic lecture/workshop series by TheCube Project Space since 2016. Following the theme “Tiangong Kaiwu: Modern Life and the History of Technology” that ran through the events in the past two years, the “2021 Praxis School—Tiangong Kaiwu III: Medication and Pandemic, Materiality and Spirituality” seeks to explore the historical relations […]

Lingchi – Echoes of a Historical Photograph ,super 16mm transferred to & white.sound in selected portions.21‘ 04” three-channel.continuous loop  © Chen Chieh-jen Artwork Context and Introduction The idea for the video artwork Lingchi came from a photograph of lingchi torture (death by a thousand cuts) taken by a French soldier in China in 1904 or […]

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