Working-Through: Vandy Rattana and His Ditched Footages

The Cube Project is pleased to present Cambodian artist Vandy Rattana’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan, titled Working-Through: Vandy Rattana and His Ditched Footages, curated by Fang-Tze Hsu. Taking Rattana’s poetry writing, translating, and publishing as a point of departure, the exhibition juxtaposes these newly established creative exercises after his relocation to Taiwan with his practices of image-making since 2009. The exhibition not only examines Vandy’s philosophical continuum between journalistic photography and an experimental approach towards filmmaking but also concerns his re-contextualization of political reality regarding the mainstream memory politics of the post-Khmer Rouge era. As a way to situate the internal connections between those who have been muted by the grand narrative of history and the collective sensorial agency of the Mass, Working-Through delves into Vandy’s psychological cartography, reified by the artist’s ceaseless revisiting of long-forgotten historical sites.


Tapetum Lucidum – 1ST Taiwan International Cat Film Festival 2016

he 1st Taiwan International Cat Film Festival – Tapetum Lucidum, curated by LIU Yung-Hao, is the first cat film festival in Taiwan, and also the first film festival in Asia, which looks at cinema through cats. Including 25 filmmakers (and cats who work with them) from 5 countries. The festival aims to open up new cinematic and artistic ways of seeing. Through cats we see new possibilities and inspirations.


The Bianwen Book: Images, Production, Action and Documents of Chen Chieh-Jen

TheCube Project Space is honored to present Chen Chieh-Jen’s solo exhibition The Bianwen Book: Images, Production, Action and Documents of Chen Chieh-Jen. Date of the exhibition is from October 24th, 2015 to January 10th, 2016, and the special screening “Realm of Reverberations Returns to Losheng” and the artist talk will be held on 3-6pm, Sat., January 9th, 2016.


UNGROUND – Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert

TheCube Project Space of Taipei, in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain, is pleased to present on September 11th UNGROUND, an 8-channel audio-visual installation by the Luxembourgish artist-duo…



The Cube Project Space‘s Memo-scape exhibition premiered on April 19, 2014. It encapsulates over 2 years of in-depth field research and interviews conducted in Kaohsiung City’s Cijin and Yancheng Districts…