Project 35

Project 35 is a program of single-channel videos selected by 35 international curators who have each chosen one work by an artist that they think is important for audiences around the world to experience today. The resulting compendium is released in four installments and is presented simultaneously in an ever-expanding number of venues.

Project 35 draws in ICI’s extensive network of curators to trace a complexity of regional and global connections among practitioners from places as varied as Colombia, the Congo, and the Philippines, as well as to demonstrate the extent to which video is now one of the most important and far-reaching mediums for contemporary artists. Taking advantage of video’s versatility, Project 35 can be shown in almost any format or space. It can be projected in a gallery, featured in monthly screenings, or shown on a monitor running in the café or education room. Each DVD is accompanied by a pdf with a short introduction to the work by the selecting curator, and the curators’ and artists’ bios.

The Project 35: Interview Series was developed by five M.A. candidates studying within various visual arts fields at NYU during ICI’s Spring 2011 Curatorial Practice course. The online series provides increased engagement with the art and ideas behind Project 35 through interviews with the artists involved in the project and the curators who selected their work.

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Curated by Mai Abu ElDahab, Magalí Arriola, Ruth Auerbach, Lars Bang Larsen, Zoe Butt, Yane Calovski, Amy Cheng, Ana Paula Cohen, Joselina Cruz, Sergio Edelsztein, Charles Esche, Lauri Firstenberg, Alexie Glass-Kantor, Julieta González, Anthony Huberman, Mami Kataoka, Constance M Lewallen, Lu Jie, Raimundas Malasauskas, Francesco Manacorda, Chus Martínez, Viktor Misiano, David Moos, Deeksha Nath, Simon Njami, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jack Persekian, José Roca, Bisi Silva, Franklin Sirmans, Kathryn Smith, Susan Sollins, Mirjam Varadinis, WHW, Weng Choy Lee

pt.1 2011.1.15-2.20
pt.2 2011.2.27-3.27

opening hours:
WED-SUN: 2-8 pm
MON-TUES: closed

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