Founded in 2010, TheCube Project Space is a non-profit art space devoted to research, production and presentation of contemporary art, and supported by National cultural founding and personal grants.

From 2010 to 2020, TheCube has been cooperated with over 200 artists, curators, and cultural activists, curated and organized over 50 international exhibitions in various scales, and over 100 public performances, lectures and forums.

In 2020, TheCube held the first fundraising exhibition The Topography of a Decade ever since its establishment ten years ago. The exhibition invited 7 artists who had been cooperated with TheCube to participated, and souvenirs are also sold for small fundraising. The following is the list of sponsors give support through The Topography of a Decade.

TheCube Project Space sincerely thanks all the friends who have given support and sponsorship. All the sponsorship and donation received will be used for space maintenance, organization of human resources, future exhibitions, seminars and other activities.

Main Support

  • National Culture and Arts Foundation
  • Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government
  • RC Culture and Arts Foundation
  • Winsing Arts Foundation
  • Chen Po-Wen

2020 Ten-Years Anniversary Fundraising Exhibition

Participated Artists

Vandy Rattana, Lee Kit, Hou Chun-Ming, Au Sow-Yee, Chen Chieh-Jen, Teng Chao-Ming, and Zheng Bo

Collectors of Works Donation

Winsing Arts Foundation, Aaron Lee, Michael Lin, Rudy Tseng,

List of Donors

Andre Lee, Chiang Yang-Huei, Weng Su-Ying, Frankie Su, Cheng Mei-Ya, Jenny Lee, Robin Peckham, Val Lee( Ghost Mountain Ghost Shovel), SJ Art& Conservation, Fang Yen-Hsiang, Fang Mei-Ching, Wang Jo-Hsuan, Wang Hong-Kai, Wang Sheng-Hung, Wang Hsuan, Wang Wei-Wei, Chu Ting-Yi, Wu Fan, Wu Chi-Yu, Esther Wu, Lee I-Hua, Li Shang-Jen, Lee Tzu-Ling, Li Hsueh-Chia, Chen You-Feng, Chou Yu-Ling, Lin Yu-Yung, Lin Yi-Hsiu, Lin Chen-Wei, Lin Guan-Ming, Tsao Liang-Pin, Shy Yun-Shin, Hong Shi-Yin, Musquiqui Chiying, Fan Hsingyu, Hsu Shih-Yu, Yuan Goang-Min, Chang Yu-Yin, Chang Jui-Tzu, Crystal Chang, Chang Chun-Yu, Chang Li-Hao, Chuang Wei-Tzu, Tomtom Chuang, Hsu Ian Yi-Hsiang, Isabelle Kuo, Chen Hsiao-Tsa, Chen Hsiang-Wen, Chen Qiong-Yu, Chen Wei-fang, Tseng Ting-Yi, Jesse Tseng, Tseng Yu-Chuan, Tung Yung-Wei, Feng Hsin, Huang Shu-Wei, Yang Wen-Juan, Liu Yi Tsai Yu-Yueh, Tsai Ming-Jun, Tsai Jia-Zhen, Tsai Hai-Ru, Sophie Chiang, Tang Fu-Kuen, Cheng Jing-Jie, Lai Shin-Yu, Lai Hsiao-Ying, Loh Li-Chen, Yan Xiao-Xiao, Jao Chia-En.


Please contact:

Beneficiary A/C: 691131061699
Beneficiary Tel: +886-2-23689418
Beneficiary Bank: CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. / Anhe Branch
Bank Address: 1F, No. 195, Sec. 2, Anhe Road., Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Bank Tel: +886-2-27386171
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