Tapetum Lucidum – 1ST Taiwan International Cat Film Festival 2016


The 1st Taiwan International Cat Film Festival – Tapetum Lucidum, curated by LIU Yung-Hao, is the first cat film festival in Taiwan, and also the first film festival in Asia, which looks at cinema through cats. Cats are mysterious, elegant, friendly, and smart. Cats fascinate artists. Their eyes seem to tell us something more.
The 1st Taiwan International Cat Film Festival – Tapetum Lucidum has 25 filmmakers (and cats who work with them) from 5 countries. The festival aims to open up new cinematic and artistic ways of seeing. Through cats we see new possibilities and inspirations.

Film festival website
Film festival Facebook

Event date | 14:00-19:00, February 16 to 18, 2016. (Please see more information on film festival website)
Talk | From 15:00, February 17 at TheCube Project Space

Venue | TheCube Project Space (2F, No 13, Aly 1, Ln 136, Sec 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei, Taiwan)

Organizer | LIU Yung Hao (Assistant Professor, Department of Radio, Television & Film, Shih Hsin University)
Co-organizer | TheCube Project Space

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