Tapetum Lucidum—2020 Taiwan International Cat Film Festival


About the film festival

A number of cat-loving artists passed away in 2019, including Carolee Schneemann, Agnès Varda, Jonas Mekas, experimental film theorist Dortmund Noguez, Barbara Hammer. In retrospect, these artists have all been involved in experimental cinema and contemporary art since the 1960s, leading the way to a new chapter in cinema, but that brilliant chapter has been flipped over time. Thus, the 5th Taiwan International Cat Film Festival 2020 organised a special series and paid tributes to these pioneers of experimental cinema, contemporary art and cat lovers.

Tributes Segment
Opening film
*Premiere in Taiwan and Asia*
Jonas Mekas
Dominique Noguez

Participating Artists
Guli Silberstein
Mark Lyken
Jeff Zorrilla
Tony Chun-Hui WU
Ming-Yu Lee
Jodie Chen
Huang Yun-Chi
Yung-Hao Liu

All films will be played in loop. Screening time: 14:00-19:00.
For exact screening schedule, please refer to the official festival website.)

Date: 2020.2.14-2020.2.16
Venue: TheCube Gongguan
Curator: Ming-Yu Lee, Yung-Hao Li
Supported by TheCube Project Space
Special thanks to Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris), Re:Voir (Paris)

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