Tapetum Lucidum—2021 Taiwan International Cat Film Festival

The sixth edition of the Cat Film Festival brought together a wide range of exciting works by cats and artists: a beach series by Bill Morrison and Curly; Scottish MP John Nicolson M.P. and his cat, Rojo, which trespassed into parliament; a film by Italian documentary diary filmmaker Mauro Santini presented a travelogue in the style of Rousseau in which a cat took him on a journey of the landscape; French director Cyprien Nozières guided us into the quantum and imaginary world through the cats, and the highest level of love relationship between human and cat — “Love each other, not perversion to each other.”

Artists 2021
Bill Morrison + Curly
John Nicolson M.P. + Rojo
Mauro Santini
Cyprien Nozières
Ming-Yu Lee
Jodie Chen/Sky Chen
Ian Shuo Yu Zhang
Yun-Chi Huang
Yung-Hao Liu
Marquise + 舞麥

Date: 2021.2.19–2021.2.21

Venue: TheCube 7F

Curator: Ming-Yu Lee, Yung-Hao Liu

立方計劃空間 TheCube Project Space

Special thanks
Matthew Miller, Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris)

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