Tapetum Lucidum 2022 – The 7th Taiwan International Cat Film Festival

The year 2022 marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger and the seventh Cat Film Festival, which belongs to the same family as the big cats. The COVID pandemic in 2022 is in a state of fluctuation, with mutated viruses changing without anticipation and the world’s borders opening and closing, making it even more unpredictable than the cats. The war between Ukraine and Russia has sent the world into depression and inflation toward an even more unforeseeable tomorrow. In this year of the tiger packed with uncertainties, how does the Cat Film Festival propose a cat solution to a changing world? How can it be used to eradicate viruses and advocate peace?

Among the works screening this year is Guli Silberstein’s new film Catmosh. His cat in front of the camera is akin to a painting by Francis Bacon. But the artist thinks that it is like a huge chunk of ice cream. Douglas Kaas is an American documentary filmmaker and film academic. His film Migrations is about a woman’s anxieties and dreams, and the presence of a cat in her dreams; Album by Jodie Chen presents the life of two domestic cats over the past six years in the form of still images taken by mobile phone; Video’s Video by Eco Yang and Ruonan Tian is a video about a Siamese cat named Video; Xu Ge and Guan Houren’s Little Audience is an encounter between a cat and a work; the work of Short film newbie Ms. Lu titled Mother and Street Cat deliberately returns to the aesthetics of long take, presenting the touching connection between a mother and a street cat; and Sight Filled with Cats by Heyun Chang and Annie Wong takes the audience on a healing journey into the realm of the cat’s mind, body, and soul.

2022 Participating Artists

Guli Silberstein
Douglas Kaas
Eco Yang + Ruonan Tian
Xu Ge + Guan Houren
Jodie Chen
Ms Lu
Heyun Chang + Annie Wong

*All films will be played in loop on each day (screening time 14:00-18:00)

Time|2022.04.29 (Fri) -2022.05.01 (Sun) 2-6 PM
Venue|TheCube Project Space
Official website|https://catfilmtaiwan.wixsite.com/tlticff


Organizer / Curators|Lee Ming-Yu, Liu Yung-Hao
Co-organizer | TheCube Project Space

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