Curator | Sun Yi-Cheng
Artist | Ai Hasegawa, Hsu Che-Yu, LAB of the Distant Relatives, Ku Kuang-Yi
Publish|2020 Feb.
Artificial Unit, curated by Sun Yi-Cheng, can be construed as a continuum of Unit of Interdependency, another curatorial project by Sun in 2018 that not only questioned the appropriateness of mainstream societal units (i.e. family and community) under the law and order in contemporary Taiwanese society, but also focused on the relations of collective production among artist communities/collective More specific, Artificial Unit shifts its focus back onto the most primeval state of symbiosis/coexistence among human beings (e.g. conjoined twins and reproduction) as well as the ensuing expansion and continuation of the Self. As the essence of life is becoming increasingly digitalized nowadays, this exhibition on the one hand seeks to reexamine how the existing units (incl. nation, family, race, and self) were formed through the “regulated co-production,” and on the other hand tries to construct an ideational model for the question as to “how people fabricate units” on the basis of exhibition and scenario-based performance.

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