Rainy Night Flowers and the Evolution of the Sound Apparatus in Taiwan (Jeph Lo )

Rainy Night Flowers is not only one of the earliest modern folk song in Taiwan, but also a profound, complex Taiwanese song that has stayed highly popular. The release of this song in 1934 coincided with the invention and popularization of various sorts of sound apparatus. Sound technological devices such as microphones, radios, recorders, gramophone […]

The LED Future portrays a potential future in which only artificial light sources exist; this work would be directed towards the universe where the main source of natural light (the sun) disappears through the glittering artificial light generated from the LED, OLED, or Micro LED panels. By doing so, it aims to delineate the subject […]

Love in the Clouds: Welcome to the Liquid Modern World! Amy Cheng (Curator) Dear visitors, welcome to the “liquid modern world!” Liquid Love, the title of this exhibition, owes its inspiration to the book by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, Liquid Love: On the Frailty of Human Bonds (2003). This exhibition re-thinks and explores the experiences […]

Curators : Taiwan : Jeph Lo ─ Rainy Night Flowers and the Evolution of the Sound Apparatus in Taiwan / Chao-Ming Teng ─ After All These Year, / Talking Drums Radio the Philippines : Dayang Yraola─ Taginting, A Resonant Community of Sound Practice Singapore : Chee-Wai Yuen─Melantun Records Pop-up: Electronic Dreams of Tsao Chieh Ujikaji […]

Talking Drums Radio http://talkingdrums.twCurated by TheCube Project SpaceRadio studio designer: Mao What the “Talking Drum” Exactly Is In the 19th century, on a voyage to Africa, British naval officer William Allan discovered that the local inhabitants could convey highly poetic messages by beating the tribal drum with drumsticks insofar as to create varying rhythm and […]

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