Taring Padi

The people’s cultural institute Taring Padi is an art collective based in Yogyakarta Indonesia that uses art as a tool for political expression and education for all. It was founded in 1998 by a group of cultural activists, students, artists, and self-taught artists. Its’ collective approach to art production is one part of a larger […]

Pangrok Sulap is a Malaysian collective of artists, musicians, and social activists with a mission to empower rural marginalized communities through art. Founded in 2010 by Rizo Leong, Gindung McFeddy Simon and Jerome Manjat, “Pangrok” is the local pronunciation of “punk rock,” and “Sulap” is a hut or a resting place usually used by farmers […]

Printhow is inspired by Japanese woodblock collective A3BC and Woodblock Printing Collective Taiwan. Several printmakers and novices in Hong Kong got together and started making woodblock works, including y, wy, ck, d, nt, g, m. They hope to engage with the people through the DIY spirit of this medium, and to DIT (do it together) […]

A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective) formed in the summer of 2014 in IRREGULAR RHYTHM ASYLUM (IRA). We were greatly inspired by the potential we observed in the woodblock prints spreading in Southeast Asia and we incorporated skills we learned from them and started making prints ourselves. What makes the approach distinctive are […]

Print & Carve Dept. founded in October 2019, Taiwan. Print & Carve Dept. group consists of members who are interested in woodcut printmaking with a focus on social and political issues. They don’t just publish personal works or those of the group, we also curate content that fits into the theme that the collective shares […]

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