Cao Guimarães

Cao Guimarães

O fim do sem fim (The End of the Endless),2011, 16mm/ Super-8/ miniDV, 90 min.
Directed and edited by Beto Magalhães, Cao Guimarães, and Lucas Bambozzi

*This film is exclusive for the exhibition
Time | 2022.02.19 (Sat) / 04.09 (Sat), 2:00pm
Venue |TheCube Project Space

In this documentary, the directors set out on a journey through remote towns and villages in Brazil in search of crafts and professions that are near extinction. Filmed in the late 1990s and released in 2001, the work shows the imminent turn of the century, and the new millennium appears in the ominous imaginary of many outspoken characters whose “street philosophies” reflect upon a rapidly changing era. Twenty years later, the COVID-19 pandemic, a looming ecological catastrophe, and overall political and economic instability and uncertainty present a global crisis unlike any experienced before in modern times. This film helps us rethink what technological progress has brought to our lives, and how radically it has changed the social, creative and behavioral fabric of our societies. 

Yet, far from a nostalgic take on romantically framed, disappearing ways of life, this film, shot in ten different Brazilian states, portrays the unique creativity, joy, and inventive power found among people with little formal education and often living in dire conditions at the margins of urban centers. Three of the most eccentric characters, self-named “masters,” remind us of medieval masterminds and innovators, or philosophers and sages that could have been roaming the streets of Athens 2,000 years ago. O fim do sem fim is as inspiring and humorous as it is political and serious. But it is also an experimental journey exploring new ways of telling stories about real life. The film is known across Brazil for its uniquely intuitive and aesthetic approach to documentary filmmaking, interweaving spontaneous narrative with carefully shot landscapes and paying careful attention to human gesture and photographic detail.

— Curator | Veronica Cordeiro


Cao Guimarães

(b. 1965, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; based in Belo Horizonte and Montevideo, Uruguay) Cao Guimarães’ works on the crossing between the cinema and the visual arts. With intense production since the late 80s, the artist has been collected by prestigious names such as Tate Modern (United Kingdom), MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum (USA), Fondation Cartier (France), Colección Jumex (Mexico), Inhotim (Brazil), Museo ThyssenBornemisza (Spain) and others. 

Curator : Veronica Cordeiro

Veronica Cordeiro is a Brazilian artist, curator and writer based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Constantly exploring the possibilities of art as an agent and platform of growth and transformation, in the last twenty years Veronica has organized countless projects in several countries where art, exhibition, personal experience, conversations, inter-disciplinary debates, educational platforms and institutional commissions have been pushed from their conventional settings in order to open up new forms of knowledge and experience. She moved to Uruguay in 2009 where she the ongoing project Curating in Context, the monthly live art critique sessions called Plato Crítico, courses in curatorial practice and the creative process, experimental art residencies and shows, etc. In 2013 Veronica created the curatorial department of the Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo (CdF) and developed the new international photography festival MUFF (Montevideo Uruguay Festival de Fotografía). In 2019, Veronica launched a textile design project that seeks to revitalize and support ancestral weaving techniques which are becoming obsolete in many Latin American regions through innovative design, adding value to local craftsmanship and empowering traditional communities.

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