Madiha Aijaz

The project Omehen (which means “harvest” in Manobo Talaingod, the Indigenous language of the Mindanao region in the south of the Philippines) was conceived by Alfred Marasigan, Karl Castro, and Guelan Luarca in collaboration with the Lumad Indigenous community in exile in Manila. Following the bombing of Lumad schools during the ongoing armed conflict in Mindanao, the Lumad people found refuge in various academic institutions in Manila, including the Ateneo de Manila University, where the artists teach.

For Construction of the Cities of Memory, Ernesto Bautista interviewed some of his closest friends, asking them about the first houses they lived in, or the first houses they lost. Based on these oral histories, the artist created a 3D rendering of a virtual city with all the houses his friends remember, houses that no longer exist for them, but exist again in this new alternative reality.

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