Communal Work— Collective Carving As Form

Communal Work – Collective Carving As Form is the second exhibition of Twisting TheCube Series (TCS), an experimental curatorial project at TheCube 7F. The exhibition focuses on the persistence of Asian art collectives and activist networks in using hand-made woodblock print as a medium, viewing collective practices as a means of responding to social issues in the present days in which printing technology has become prevalent.

This exhibition starts with the Taiwanese collective Print & Carve Dept. and extends to four like-minded and interconnected Asian woodblock print collectives, including Printhow from Hong Kong, A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear, and Arts of Block-print Collective) from Japan, Pangrok Sulap from Malaysia and Taring Padi from Indonesia. By presenting their collective woodblock prints, the inter-related introductory texts, and documents, the exhibition explores their diverse styles and perspectives on collective creating. The exhibition opens on 11 June at TheCube 7F and runs until 27 August (Summer Closure from 6 July to 24 July).

About the Exhibition

Founded in October 2019, the Print & Carve Dept. was formed by a group of friends interested in printmaking and concerned about social issues. The current members are Ses, I, Wato, LH. Unlike individual printmaking works, their woodblock prints are not only created by the members collectively but also through workshops in which social activist groups are invited to collaborate. Through this process of collective creation, they seek to engage with society and explore the possibility of using collective creation as a means of constructing their standpoint on political and social issues. Print & Carve Dept. has collaborated with TIWA (Taiwan International Workers Association), TISM (Taiwan International Student Movement), DCU (Domestic Caretaker Union), and labor protestors in several strike rallies. Print & Carve Dept. actively reaches out to the communities and people, inviting them to participate in the creations, and to practice empowerment and restoration of rights through mobile assemblies.

The history of modern woodblock prints depicting social realism is deeply rooted in Asia, from Lu Xun’s Modern Woodcut Movement to Huang Rong-Can’s anonymous work, The Horrifying Inspection, to the democratization movement in the 1980s and the Indonesian confrontation with totalitarianism in the 1990s, which has evolved over the years into the activist woodblock collective of today. This unique contemporary printmaking collective is not only locally rooted, but also has an international network of connections and influences that accompany the history of left-wing movements in Asia.

The historical context of this exhibition can be traced to Taring Padi in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which was founded in the late 1990s, leading to Pangrok Sulap in Sabah, Malaysia, and further to A3BC (Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print) in Tokyo, Japan, and later to Print & Carve Dept. in Taiwan and Printhow in Hong Kong. The thematic concerns of these groups vary from environmental sustainability and farmers’ rights to anti-war, peace, democracy, and freedom, however, they all share a similar core ideology, namely the DIT (Do It Together) approach to stand with the socially disadvantaged and continue to develop a collective artistic practice.

Communal Work— Collective Carving As Form focuses on the woodprints produced by the aforementioned five groups, and illustrates their perspectives on collective printmaking, social engagement, and their interrelationship with the international printmaking communities, in an attempt to delineate a collective image of the contemporary activism woodprints from East and Southeast Asia, and to capture the spirit of resistance they hold in their practice.

About the Curator

Wang ChiaYing
Holds an MFA from Pratt Institute, New York. Currently works as project coordinator/curator at TheCube Project Space. Focus on social value, self-consciousness, and identification. Used to be an executive assistant at Petah Coyne Artwork LLC; a project assistant at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and a cog in numerous art fairs, festivals, workshops, and galleries. Residency experiences include Vermont Studio Center (2014), and Cope NYC Project (2016).

About Twisting theCube Series

Twisting theCube Series (TCS) is an experimental project launched by TheCube in 2020. The guiding philosophy behind this project is to present studies on specific topics in the form of mini-exhibition, so as to reveal the dynamic thinking behind curatorial or creative practice and explore the context constructed by broadly defined “documents” and “archives.” The visitors can enjoy and read the exhibits in a cozy, relaxing environment at TheCube 7F.


Date | 11 Jun – 27 August 2022 (Wed-Sat, 2-7 PM)
Venue | TheCube 7F (7F., No. 241, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City)

***TheCube Summer Closure|6 July-24 July 2022***

Opening | 11 Jun 2022 (Sat) 3-6 PM
Artist | Print & Carve Dept., Printhow, A3BC, Pangrok Sulap, Taring Padi
Curator | Wang ChiaYing




Organizer | TheCube Project Space
TheCube 7F is supported by RC Culture and Arts Foundation
Twisting TheCube Series is supported by Winsing Arts Foundation

Special Thanks | A3BC, Printhow, Taring Padi, Pangrok Sulap, Inter-Asia Woodcut Mapping Group, Sorcerer (Lyon, France)

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