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On October 7th, Nuit Blanche will take place in greater Gongguan area of Taipei. The Cube Project Space, located in the heart of Gongguang night market will simultaneously host the performance events EGOTIATIONS ON FAILURE by Chang Ching-ju and four dancers and LOOM by three sound artists Yannick Dauby, Alice Chang and Nigel Brown. The event is a part of of the ongoing exhibition Till We Have Faces – Creating Disturbances, both performances welcome all audience to join and interact with the performers.
*The event is free of charge (starting at 6pm and 8pm)

About The Event


Chang Ching-ju and friends
We try to use the body to present our interpretations of the meaning of failure.
In those situations where we feel frustrated, much is closely related to how we are governed and disciplined. In every individual’s life with perhaps voluntary wills, social controls are internalized and many contradictions hidden in the social structure are also often reconciled by the individual view. Are these issues that are understood as private will be our common failures? (By Chang Ching-Ju)

* The performance is organized by Chang Ching-Ju, the participant artist of “Till We Have Faces—Creating Disturbances”.


Yannick Dauby, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Nigel Brown

Three sound artists taking their sounds from different sources: acoustic devices, electronic instruments, field recordings and voice. They share the process of improvising/composing in physical space. Threads of sounds assembled into a weaving of time. Audience members are invited to respond vocally with instruction scores. A three hour long discreet performance, a slowly evolving sonic sculpture. You are invited to join at any time, to enter a quiet state of floating listening.

About The Artists

CHANG Ching-Ju (Taipei)

Chang graduated from the Graduate Institute of Trans-Disciplinary Arts in Taipei National University of Arts, mainly engaged in performance and video art.

Yannick Dauby (France/Taiwan)

Projects : &
Biography :

Background in musique concrete and improvisation, using found objects, electroacoustic devices and phonographies. As a field recordist, he as particular interest for animals or nature sounds as well as urban situations and unusual acoustic phenomenas. Excursions are pretext to a sonic gathering, and often leads to the realization of phonographic collages. He often collaborates with other musicians, visual artists and dancers, producing audio-visual performances or installations, and makes sound design for films. His work has been presented by various international festivals, record labels and biennale exhibitions. He is based in Taiwan since 2007, interested into the field of anthropology and ecology, exploring the island’s soundscape through artistic research, developing art projects in local communities and documenting the fauna and its environment, creating art & science projects in collaborations with biologists.

Alice Hui-Sheng CHANG (Melbourne/Tainan)

Born 1984 in Changhua, Taiwan. Since 2003, Alice has performed across countries in Asia, Oceania, and Europe. She focus on developing improvised vocal performance, and often collaborate with other artists around the world. In prompting vocal performance from audience, she treats it as small social experiments in the diversity in human social interactions. She found people in improvising, with language removed, they still have their own personality and personal cultural attachments. The space we are in plays a core part of influencing how we exist/interact. Alice has been involved in supported residencies in Australia, Taiwan, France, Portugal and Austria. Alice is now based in Tainan, one of the founders of sound space – Ting Shuo Hear Say. She works as a freelance artist, and a therapeutic arts practitioner.

Nigel Brown (Melbourne/Tainan)

Nigel Brown works with sound across performance, recording and design for other mediums. Elements of instability and negotiation are central to Nigel’s practice. Sound is approached through delving into the unknown – an unstable constructed instrument, an unfamiliar environment, an improvised encounter – and responding to unexpected results.

In 2016 he founded Ting Shuo Hear Say with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, an educational organization and venue based in Taiwan for the promotion of sound art and experimental music practice

Date: 2017.10.7 18:00~23:00
Venue: TheCube Project Space
Artist: Chang Ching-Ju, Yannick Dauby, Alice Chen, Nigel Brown

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