Symposium|Reality in its Double Bind

TheCube Project Space is honored to present the symposium Reality in its Double Bind: Emotional Signifiers in the Undercurrents of History in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Curated by Hsu Fang-Tze, this three-day symposium marks the second phase of the curatorial project Towards Mysterious Realities, launched in Taipei, 2016.



The Ocean After Nature considers the ocean as a site reflecting the ecological, cultural, political, and economic realities of a globalized world through the work of twenty artists and collectives. These internationally established and emerging artists explore new ways of representing the seascape as a means to identify and critique the various interrelated and chaotic systems of power, such as land-sea divides, the circulation of people and goods, and the vulnerabilities of our ecosystems.

諸眾之夜主視覺3 拷貝

Night of Multitude

The event is a part of of the ongoing exhibition Till We Have Faces – Creating Disturbances, both performances welcome all audience to join and interact with the performers.


Till We Have Faces—Creating Disturbances

This exhibition in itself represents the achievements of two projects, namely the thematic lecture series at the 2016 Praxis School and Till We Have Faces, both were led by Huang Sun-Quan, a renowned social activist and cultural researcher.


TENG Chao-Ming: After All These Years,

TheCube Project Space is pleased to present artist TENG Chao-Ming’s solo exhibition After All These Years, an installation developed by TENG Chao-Ming from his previous piece To Sing or Not to Sing (2014) that was commissioned by TheCube and the exhibition ALTERing-NATIVism: Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan.