Tapetum Lucidum 2017 – The 2nd Taiwan International Cat Film Festival


“Tapetum Lucidum 2017 – The 2nd Taiwan International Cat Film Festival” is co-curated by Lee Ming-Yu and Liu Yung-hao. Continuing from the first Cat Film Festival in 2016, this cat-themed festival is the first of its kind in Taiwan, and the first art festival in Asia to reflect about cinema through cats. A total of 13 groups of artists have been invited to participate in “Tapetum Lucidum 2017 – The 2nd Taiwan International Cat Film Festival”, which will be screened at TheCube Project Space from 19 to 21 January 2017, and will organize a film festival forum “Rubbing”. The Taiwan International Cat Film Festival aims to create a new paradigm of watching film and art. Through the cats, we will see new possibilities, creative inspirations and new way of thinking.

Participating Artists and works

Opening Film
Carolee Schneemann – Infinity Kisses

Sissi the Red Cat – Cat plays football, My cat scares the dog-natural contraceptive for dogs
Danielle Vallet Kleiner – Depuis ce temps
Delilah Rose Neil – Runaway Cat
Jeff Zorrilla – Nica’s New Home
Wang Tung-Shuo – PORTRAIT
Lee Ming-Yu – Four Years of Miller – the Second Year
Lin Wang-Tin – Wildcats
Shine Lin – Meow a Day
Liu Yung-Hao – Für Elise Time
Liu An-Chi – Rue Montmartre
Hsiao Juey-Fu – Until Later
Hsieh Yu-Hsin – TROIS

All films will be played in loop on each day (screening from 13:00 -19:00)

Festival Official Website:catfilmtaiwan.wixsite.com/tlticff
Festival Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/CatFilmTaiwan/

Festival Dates|2017.1.19-21 13:00-19:00 (For films schedule, please refer to the festival website)
Festival talk|2017.1.21 13:00 at TheCube Project Space

Venue|TheCube Project Space
Organizers & Curators | Lee Ming-Yu, Liu Yung-Hao
Co-organizer | TheCube Project Space

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