International Forum of Anselm Franke x Jane Jin Kaisen: On Curatorial and Artistic Practice

International Forum of Anselm Franke x Jane Jin Kaisen: On Curatorial and Artistic Practice

About the Program

The German curator and writer Anselm Franke, who curated the 2012 Taipei Biennale, and the Korean-born Danish artist Jane Jin Kaisen were invited by The Hong-gah Museum to work on field research for the 2023 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition in late August. The two artivists’ experience spans the fields of cultural research, curating, and creative work. During their rare and short stay in Taiwan, the Hong-gah Museum and TheCube Project Space are honored to collaborate in hosting an international forum, inviting the two speakers to give small but intense lectures on August 26 at Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB).
The forum is based on the curatorial and artistic practice of the two speakers which will be shared and discussed in two sessions. Anselm Franke will share his curatorial practices and concerns with the experience of curating major international exhibitions such as the Taipei Biennale and the Shanghai Biennale, as well as his 10 years of curatorial experience as Head of Visual Art and Film at Haus der Kulturen der Welt/ HKW Berlin, Germany. Korean artist Jane Jin Kaisen who currently teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts will share her artistic practice, starting from researching shaman culture in Jeju Island, Korea, and discussing in depth her recent projects.


Using anthropological concepts from Sylvia Wynter and Erhard Schüttpelz about the role played by death and life in the symbolic coding of cosmologies, including colonial modernity and racial capitalism, Anselm Franke will revisit past curatorial research projects, and discuss how such codes are put to use in cultural imaginaries and geopolitics today.
Jane Jin Kaisen will unfold the session with her recent art practices, screening parts of her new works and sharing the core concepts in each production. Her works usually involve intensive fieldwork and long-term research, showing how traditional culture were appropriated and received by modern society.


First session 

13:30-15:30 Anselm Franke
Moderator: Amy Cheng
Discussant: HUANG Chien-Hung 、Jen-Hao Walter HSU 
■ 13:30-14:40 Talk by Anselm Franke
■ 14:40-15:00 First Discussant
■ 15:00-15:20 Second Discussant

Second session

15:50-17:40 Jane Jin Kaisen
Moderator: Shih-yu HSU
Discussant: Shih-yu Hsu, nselm Franke
■ 15:50-17:00 Talk by Jane Jin Kaisen
■ 17:00-17:15 First Discussant
■ 17:15-17:30 Second Discussant
■ 17:30-17:40 Q & A
● 17:40-18:00 Round Table

About Speakers

Anselm Franke

Anselm Maria Franke (born in 1978) curated the Taipei Biennale Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction in 2012. He was Head of Exhibitions at Haus der Kulturen der Welt / HKW Berlin from 2013 to 2022, and among others, initiated projects into the instrumental use of art in the Cold War; the impact of Californian culture and science on the Anthropocene discourse and digital capitalism, and the broader entanglements of Myth and Modernity. He is Professor of Curatorial Studies at Zurich University of Arts.

Jane Jin Kaisen

Jane Jin Kaisen (born 1980 in Jeju Island, lives in Copenhagen) is a visual artist, filmmaker, and Professor of the School of Media Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Spanning the mediums of video installation, narrative experimental film, photographic installation, performance, and text, Kaisen’s artistic practice is informed by extensive interdisciplinary research and engagement with diverse communities. She is known for her visually striking, multilayered, performative, poetic, and multi-voiced feminist works through which past and present are brought into relation. Engaging topics such as memory, migration, borders, and translation, she activates the field where lived experience and embodied knowledge intersect with larger political histories.

About Organizers

The Hong-gah Museum and Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition

The Hong-gah Museum was formed by Chew’s Culture Foundation in 1999 and launched the Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (TIVA) in 2008, each iteration has embodied a different approach to reconsider the definition and possibilities of video art creation. Today, the TIVA has become a vital hub of exchange for video art in Taiwan and from abroad. The theme of each TIVA exhibition has reflected the times and mirrored real life, with the curatorial consciousness of each iteration attending to the state of people’s mind and social circumstances. Co-curated by Shih-yu Hsu and the Hong-gah Museum curatorial team in 2023, the exhibition theme of the upcoming 8th iteration is “care,” which aims to respond the social trauma in the aftermath of the pandemic that is in urgent need for mending and caring.

TheCube Project Space and Praxis School

Founded in 2010, TheCube Project Space is an independent art space devoted to research, production, and presentation of contemporary art. As a non-profit art organization, it aims to explore local culture in depth, connect people from diverse backgrounds, establish long-term re- relationships with artists and participants, and promote cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the international community. The Praxis School, a series of lectures with an annual theme since 2016, which has been held for seven years until 2022, and from 2023 onwards, the Praxis School will be focused on international exchanges, which is another long-term project of TheCube based on the concept of cultural research, curatorial learning, and sharing, in addition to the curation of exhibitions and performances.


Organizer|Hong-gah Museum, TheCube Project Space
Sponsor|National Culture and Arts Foundation, Live Forever Foundation
Special Thanks | OCAC、Ko Nien-pu

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