Stranger Next Door Lecture Series (Grilling Borders Satellite Program)

Stranger Next Door Lecture Series in the summer of 2024 starts from reflections on Grilling Borders. TheCube invites 3 groups of researchers, writers, and artists from Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan to deliver 3 lectures from the perspectives of literature, visuals, history, society, and politics. A multi-dimensional discussion on ethnic and national borders will take place at TheCube on 3 consecutive Saturday from 29th June. The word "Stranger" in the original Greek text refers to "the people outside the fence, that is, the alien people." Stranger Next Door Lecture Series originated from some thoughts on Taiwan's southward policy.

Curatography Issue 11 "Ethics of Flourishing Onto-Epistemologies” focuses on exploring the prospective intricacies of a pluriversal onto-epistemological ecosystem from a curatorial perspective. "Constellation Assembly" initiative endeavors to cultivate interconnections among curators, artists, and diverse participants through dialogues and negotiations. Analogous to the assembly of celestial bodies forming constellations, this conceptualization posits the establishment of gatherings to construct flourishing onto-epistemologies, which are necessarily reconfigured from friendships among people and the exchange of dialogues between diverse perspectives.

In the post-epidemic era, international exchange activities in the contemporary art field have gradually increased, and both Taiwan and foreign institutions are launching residency programs and holding international forums. Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu, a student of CCSCA, was selected to participate in the ‘Curatorial Intensive Indonesia 2024’ held by Independent Curators International (ICI) and took a 10-day intensive training in Yogyakarta and Bali. This year, the Asia Society Switzerland collaborated with TheCube Project Space to assist Giada Olivotto, an independent curator from Switzerland, who was selected for Curator Residency, to conduct a two-month in-depth research trip in Taipei.

The Praxis School is a thematic lecture/workshop series initiated by TheCube Project Space in 2016 and held on an annual basis thenceforth. “Tiangong Kaiwu: Modern Life and the History of Technology” was the theme that ran through the 2018 Praxis School, with special foci on modern life’s relations to the history of technology, the history of science, and contemporary art, as well as on their complex interplay.

TheCube Project Space is honored to present the symposium Reality in its Double Bind: Emotional Signifiers in the Undercurrents of History in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Curated by Hsu Fang-Tze, this three-day symposium marks the second phase of the curatorial project Towards Mysterious Realities, launched in Taipei, 2016.

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