Hui-Hsin Chang

Hui-Hsin Chang

Here and Elsewhere, 2022, print poster, readymade image, 29.7 x 42 cm

TheCube 7F

Since the late 19th century, with the development of capital, transportation, and internet technologies, and the rapid accelerated pace of globalization, the economical, cultural, and knowledge transmission between countries has become increasingly tight, and cross-border movement has become the norm for citizens of the world. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, austerity policies at borders have slowed down the pace of cross-border travel, creating room for negotiation between global and local relationships, and isolation policies during the pandemic have forced activities in the physical world to turn to the internet. As a physical medium for transmitting landscapes, images took part in the imagination of the others in constructing places and play an important role in the process of global tourism and consumption. Artist Hui-Hsin Chang’s work Here and Elsewhere uses landscape photos circulating on the Internet as content, capturing consumers’ imagination of famous landscapes through landscape photos belonging to the globalized tourism, and in the physical form of tourist attractions and their graphic arrangement, explores the logic of desire behind the globalization of images in capitalism and tourism.

— Curator|Wei-Lun Chen

Hui-Hsin Chang

Live in Tainan. Hui-Hsin Chang creates mainly with photography, installation, and ready-made as her medium. She has been capturing urban landscapes in the streets for a long time and reflected the relationship of desire, power, and capitalism with the image. Chang partook in group exhibition Just what is it that makes today’s images so different, so appealing? (Hong-gah Museum, 2021), A Conditioned Game (Waley Art, 2016), Marginal Island (Jimei Arles International Photo Festival, Jimei Citizen Center, 2016), SINLUZVISIBLE (Azcapotzalco_ ACTO, Mexico, 2015). She holds the solo exhibition this ∧ that (Waley Art, 2016), a flower is not a flower (Boven magazine library, 2015). She has self-published the collection of photography a flower is not a flower in 2015.

Curator : Wei-Lun Chen

Live in Taipei. Chen Wei-Lun holds an M.F.A from the Department of New Media Art, National Taipei University of Arts. Chen is mainly engaged in curating, critics, and researching on Art history, image, and media culture. Recently, he endeavors to treat Taiwan as the base for video art studies, depicting trajectories of video art development in the dynamic relationship of global and local. Chen’s curatorial works include Xanadu Project II: A Place Without Boundaries (Kuandu &Bali, 2016), Division of Reality – 2017 Out Standing Art Exhibition (Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, 2017), Media Archeology: Indescribable Mark of Life (Yo-Chang Art Museum, 2017), Just what is it that makes today’s images so different, so appealing? (Hon-gah Museum, 2021).

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