Ting-Tong Chang + Hsien-Yu Cheng

INVASORIX is a feminist/queer working group that produces publications, performances, songs, and videos to imagine alternative ways of inhabiting the planet and relating to each other. In their projects, they are committed to collaboration and solidarity as a way of facing the current state of things in society.

Dealing with a wide range of themes, these works represent Nothando Chiwanga’s performance and photographic practice. Reflections shows an almost deserted kombi rank (commuter van stop) in Harare, a rare occurrence before the COVID-19 related lockdown, and is quite prophetic of the ghost city Harare has become during the pandemic. Beyond this, it reveals the poor maintenance of the majority of the city, which is usually obscured by the constant throng of people. Trapped addresses the historical suppression of black women. An Act and Zvokudya (Food) are, by extension, a commentary on the need to counterbalance rising unemployment and poverty with education—issues that have been exacerbated by the global pandemic. In a nation where we do not ask enough questions, the national and municipal government systems have taught us to be resilient. We are constantly negotiating ourselves into situations that lead us to suppressing our emotions instead of expressing them.

Tamás Kaszás’ Sci-Fi Agit Prop (The Science Fiction of Agitative Propaganda) is a series of graphic works on a bulletin board. The posters are displayed as the communiqués of a fictional, self-sufficient, utopian community living in a rural area. While Sci-Fi Agit Prop is set in an imagined future and puts forth possible practices and knowledge after a fictitious political-economic-technological collapse (“innovate and simplify,” “conquer the permafrost”), this futurist project from the past, has now, in the current moment of rupture, arrived in the present.

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