Unit of Interdependency

Seeing art as an alternative approach to produce knowledge, this exhibition has grown out from the project to focus on the collectives or communities that are formed for co-production (of art and/or alternative knowledge), as well as the active/resilient political subject with agency constructed during the processes of co-production through negotiating to reach common ideology. For this exhibition, the self-organizing political subject which co-produce art/alternative knowledge are what we rely on, as an “Unit of Interdepency”, to re-imagine an ideal society.


KINO-EAR:Audio Document / Audio Documentary

KINO-EAR: Audio Document / Audio Documentary features a fine selection of audio works from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, France, UK, the United States and Australia. These pieces were based on field recording, some of them were edited, mixed and collaged by their creators. A profusion of sound-woven stories, sceneries and events, and auditory descriptions thus unfold from the listening space and the display of diverse media such as documents and photographs at the venue.


Towards Mysterious Realities (in Seoul)

Co-organized by TheCube Project Space and Total Museum of Contemporary Art and curated by Amy Cheng and Nathalie Boseul Shin, the exhibition Towards Mysterious Realities will take place at Total Museum of Contemporary Art and Space 55 in Seoul, Korea from April 26, 2018 to June 24, 2018.