TENG Chao-Ming: After All These Years,

TheCube Project Space is pleased to present artist TENG Chao-Ming’s solo exhibition After All These Years, an installation developed by TENG Chao-Ming from his previous piece To Sing or Not to Sing (2014) that was commissioned by TheCube and the exhibition ALTERing-NATIVism: Sound Cultures in Post-War Taiwan.

螢幕快照 2017-04-17 下午2.28.44

The Fourth White Man Film Festival

Welcome to the fourth edition of the White Man Film Festival, where we focus on films and videos for, by, and about the white man.
The White Man Film Festival is not simply a festival or simply about film, it is more importantly an idea – an idea to contemplate, to consider, and to mourn.
The White Man Film Festival celebrates the diversity of the white man as he treads between knowledge and ignorance.
This festival is not one based on intolerance or bigotry of any sort, nor is it based on love or generosity.
Our theme for the fourth edition of the White Man Film Festival is: